Lurk down under…..



Bella Sugar Australia

Check out this interview with Bella Sugar Australia + Anne



We love being in London especially part of  the ingenious and explorative vision of Anna-Marie and Millie.  BeautyMART.
Check out what they have to say about the best of beauty around the globe. Or see it here in STELLA. Better yet. Go to London!


inversion + quiet bird + nail + string + ink + flower + pelvis + pencil + balance + lurk


Always building

Menemsha Hills, Martha’s Vineyard.

little boxes

wood crafting with mika zimmerman in brooklyn.

Anne in the studio

Finding just the right blend of pure essentials to create the perfect scent for Erica Tanov. One of our favorite designers and shops in NY+ CA.  Spring is in the air.  Keep tuned. photo by bryan jude photography

you might want to see this

spring street  just west of bowery

An endless beginning

Uncovering old things. In case you missed the very first fragrance oil. Here is how it use to be packaged (the 1st of image on each photo) And this is how it has evolved. Sometimes we end up very close to where we started. Nonetheless an endless beginning.